Sustainability by design – breaking the silos


Abstracts due 10 April 2012 – Papers due 8 July 2012.

Abstracts – upon request extensions may be granted until the end of April

Please follow instructions on following pages

You are invited to submit an abstract of 300 words for a paper to be considered for presentation at the conference.

This conference is about design – urban design, building design, infrastructure design – and, not least, about systems, product and technology design. It’s about mobility, about resources, and the development of cities of the future. The overarching theme of our 5th international conference will be Sustainability in 2060. How did we get there?

The following three key themes have been identified,

  • Mobility: How we get around
  • Resources: What we use (e.g. water, energy, food) and how we get them (e.g. delivery mechanisms, infrastructure)
  • Liveability: How and where we live (e.g. lifestyles, housing, materials, etc.)

We are seeking papers that investigate the implications of changes in resource availability, population and climate as well as new technologies and new directions. How can decentralisation of infrastructure services help or hinder sustainability outcomes? What do we need to do to feed, house and clothe an additional two billion or more people?  How can we change our cities to better manage changing climates and reduce GHG emissions?  How will locally integrated distributed systems change the systems households currently use?  What impact will e-readers, 3-D printing, cloud computing and other new technologies have? How do we make new technologies that are not only sustainable but also help heal the environment and contribute to healthy communities?

Envisage where we need to be in the future and develop the strategies, the plans, the research and the new ideas, which will move us to a sustainable future. Where can you and your ideas, innovations, research and company fit within these visions and how can you help make them happen?

Official Call for Papers – instructions for authors (532KB PDF)

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