Sustainability by design – breaking the silos

27-30 NOVEMBER 2012 Auckland, New Zealand

This conference is about design – urban design, building design, infrastructure design – and, not least, about systems, product and technology design. It’s about mobility and resources, and the liveability of cities of the future. The overarching theme of our 5th international conference will be Sustainability in 2060. How did we get there?

In addition to a line up of keynote speakers, academic research and best practice papers, this conference will be offering something unique through a series of design symposia.

The feature of the 2012 conference will be a Design and Innovation Forum within the conference. A number of integrated and progressive sessions – involving talking circles, keynote speakers, plenary meetings, black room workshops and a panel discussion – all of which have been designed to help formulate key concepts to achieve sustainability based on three key themes:

  • Mobility: How we get around
  • Resources: What we use (e.g. water, energy, food), and how we get them (e.g. delivery mechanisms, infrastructure)
  • Liveability: How and where we live (e.g. lifestyles, housing, materials)

Over three days this unique Design and Innovation Fora delegates will work through the process to design an over-the-horizon strategy by:

  • Foresighting: Envisioning the overarching future systems state to achieve sustainability in 2060.
  • Backcasting: Identifying and mapping out the necessary paradigm shifts and milestones to 2060 that are required for the changes to take effect in a practical manner.
  • Designing the strategy: Condensing the concepts into a concise policy and plan of action that can be implemented practically and measurably rather than remaining as Utopian ideas.

The end result will be published as a journal paper.