TSS holds a variety of networking, idea sharing and learning forums which contribute to both:

Supporting our sustainability leaders within the built environment community, and

Engaging with the wider built environment practitioner network to highlight sustainability issues and build the capacities to respond

We work in collaboration with other aligned networks and organisations to create the ‘joined-up’ thinking that is required for the future.

2021 Webinar Series 

We are continuing our webinars addressing a range of sustainability issues and opportunities across Aotearoa’s built environment.

Each month has a topic which will include at least one webinar session:

JUNETe Mana o te Wai – Shaping our Future Work Watch recording of the session here   

JULYRMA reform in Aotearoa and it could form a new approach  – Watch recording of the session here 

AUGUST – Urban Ecology and the Role of nature in our Future CitiesWatch recording of the session here  

SEPTEMBER – Circularity and Doughnut Economics and it’s application in the Built Environment recording coming soon

OCTOBER – Developing Communities of Practice around Rapid Urban Transformationmore info coming soon

NOVEMBER – Net Zero Pathways for our Buildings more info coming soon

DECEMBER – Integrated Energy Pathways for Net Zero Carbon in Aotearoa’s Future – more info coming soon

Webinar Series – Mobility Through a Water Quality Lens 

There is no question that urban roads and the level of vehicle traffic they carry affects water quality in receiving environments. It has been estimated that 10% of all microplastics in the oceans are derived from tyre wear, and sediments, heavy metals and hydrocarbons are washed into our streams and rivers every time it rains. The question needs to be asked, what would our future transport networks look like if we placed improving water quality outcomes as the primary driver?

The Sustainability Society hosted a series of three webinar panels in February 2021 to investigate this question.

Get in touch with any requests or ideas for webinars in 2021

Green Drinks Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

October Green Drinks on October 6th is taking a different tack to bring together our nationwide network for an online session with a fantastic panel of speakers.  Register here 

What is ‘low-fi’ Green Drinks? It’s people with a connection to sustainability getting together for a regular catchup. Simple really. We just want to offer a little incubator for ideas and connections. 

More info about Green Drinks in each region

More info about the 30 year Infrastructure Strategy 

Workshop: Foundations of Sustainability

This successful workshop is being redeveloped currently and will be relaunched in a new format in early 2021.

This one-day workshop will introduce some of the foundational aspects of sustainability in the built environment. It will bring in both the global and national drivers for integrating sustainability into practice and provide opportunities for participants to apply this thinking to built environment contexts.

It is targeted to built environment practitioners who are in the initial stages of their career or who have recognised they need to have a broader and more current understanding of sustainability within their professional practice. This workshop is relevant for engineers, planners, urban designers, architects and other built environment practitioners.

This workshop is hosted by TSS in partnership with Engineering NZ.

Register your interest in hearing more about 2021/22 programmes by emailing The Sustainability Society Manager.