Forum #34 on Transport, energy and urban form
Friday 16 November
Architecture and Planning Building, 26 Symonds Street, Auckland
Room ALR1/421W-201 (see map – 171KB PDF)

“How did we get there?” It was easy!

We knew we needed to change, but how could New Zealand use this need to change to advantage?

We changed the way our cities were developing, changed people’s expectations of the way to live and changed how they travel.

Easy really… Or was it? And where did the money come from?

Opus Central Laboratories and its research partners have been undertaking research over the last ten years into urban form, transport behaviours, and our ideas of liveable settlements.

Four presentations of selections of this research addressed the overall theme of how we could transition to sustainability given the ways we currently appear to want to live and travel.

Download presentations:
Felicity Powell: Inner city living: It’s more than just building apartments (459KB PDF)
Vince Dravitski: Sustainability in 2040: How did we get there? (671KB PDF)
Kel Sanderson: Sustainable Land Use and Transport Driven by Economics and Zoning (426KB PDF)
Jared Thomas: Transport Energy and Urban Form: Predicting future behaviour for a low energy society (2.8MB PDF)