Friday Forum #31 – Design and Innovation for Sustainability
4 May, 9am – 12 noon
Venue: Conference Centre Lecture Theatre – Room 423-342
School of Architecture and Planning – NICIA – National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries
(the building next to Engineering)

The theme chosen by The Sustainability Society for 2012 is Design – urban design, building design, infrastructure design – and, not least, about systems, product and technology design. How we get around, what resources we use and where and how we live are key elements. There will be a need to rethink our current paradigms and set milestones to make effective change in the coming decades.

As part of the build up to the 5th International Conference – Sustainability by Design in November, we are introducing the topic with this forum and following up with a 2 day workshop in June.

Speakers include:
Dr Idil Gaziulusoy, Auckland University of Technology

Idil is a system innovation for sustainability expert. She is interested in conjointly using systems thinking and design thinking tools to address sustainability challenges with an innovative approach. She is currently working as a lecturer/researcher at the Department of Product Design in Auckland University of Technology, teaching/researching about systems thinking, sustainable design, innovation for sustainability, activating creativity, and design futures.

Overview of presentation:
The title of Idil’s speech is “Design and Innovation for Sustainability”. She will be talking about five main pillars which should guide design and innovation efforts aiming to address sustainability problems.

Kobus Mentz, UrbanismPlus
Presentation (18.1MB PDF)
Kobus is one of New Zealand’s leading urban designers where he has pioneered sustainability based practices, through demonstration projects, research and publications. He has delivered urban design training to some 800 mid-career professionals and is also adjunct professor on the Urban Design Masters course at University of Auckland

Chris Mulcare, NZ Trade and Enterprise
Presentation (15.1MB PDF)
Chris is a chemical engineer turned marketer and before joining Investment New Zealand was involved in the commercialisation of early stage technologies. In addition to supporting investment of cleantech projects and technologies within and out of New Zealand, Chris has been leading a wider programme on development of cleantech capability and strategy for NZTE.