Sustainable mining? Scientists weigh in.

10 May 2010

The environmental impact of mining has been a hot topic of discussion since the Government announced last August that it was considering opening up some of New Zealand’s conservation land for mining. Last Monday (3 May 2010) a briefing for reporters on sustainable mining was held by the Science Media Centre which featured three prominent scientists. One of the speakers, Dr. Gavin Mudd, presented at NZSSES’s forum on Conservation and Mining on 2 October 2009.

Prof. Dave Craw (Geology, University of Otago)

Dave Craw is a geologist with research interests in the field of mineral deposits, particularly gold, and environmental issues related to mining. He runs a programme on environmental effects of mining which is currently focusing on heavy metal mobility in historical mine sites and shallow groundwater. He has worked extensively on conservation land in New Zealand.

Dr. Gavin Mudd (Lecturer in Environmental Engineering, Monash University)

Dr. Gavin Mudd joined Monash University in May 2003. In 2009, he was a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Auckland, examining issues associated with mining on conservation land. His research interests include sustainable mining, environmental management and impacts associated in mining, and rehabilitation of mine wastes.

Prof. Anton Meister (Resource and Environmental Economics, Massey University)

Anton Meister’s diverse research interests are focused on environmental policies and natural resource issues (e.g. fishery management, sustainable land management, the allocation of water, carbon trading, etc.) in both developed and developing countries. His research examines the role of benefit-cost analysis and non-market valuation in evaluating policies and programmes.

Thirteen journalists dialed in, among them reporters from:

Radio New Zealand
Newstalk ZB
Business Wire
NZ Herald
The Press
Dominion Post
NZ Press Association
Many of the journalists commented that this was one of the most interesting briefings the Science Media Centre has held since its launch on 1 July 2008.

Listen: Briefing on sustainable mining organised by the Science Media Centre

Source: Science Media Centre