Listed in alphabetical order.

CITATION FORMAT: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Sustainability Engineering and Science, Auckland, NZ, Nov 30 – Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. Abd Wahab, Hanani; Dr. Mike Duke; Dr. Tim Anderson; Dr. James Carson
    Solar Roofing System Thermal Performance Analysis (344 kB PDF) 

  2. Batmunkh, Narantuya; Komsun Siripun; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Hamid Nikraz
    Sustainable Use of Crushed Concrete Waste as A Road Base Material (741 kB PDF) 

  3. Brown, Craig; Prof. Stephen Legg
    Achieving Transition: Lessons from Human Factors/Ergonomics (3.92 MB PDF) 

  4. Byrd, Dr. Hugh; Dr. Michael Rehm
    Changing Architecture for a Changing Climate; Unsustainable Trends in New Zealand (931 kB PDF) 

  5. Clarke, Caleb; Lucy Preston, David Phillips, L. Fourie
    You Can Teach A Young Dog New Tricks: Starting At The Beginning—Sustainable Education (991 kB PDF) 

  6. Crul, Dr. Marcel; Ir. Jan Carel Diehl
    Design for Sustainability: moving from incremental towards radical design approaches(2.84 MB PDF) 

  7. Dale, Michael; Dr. Susan Krumdieck; Prof Pat Bodger
    Global Energy Modelling—a biophysical approach (1.64 MB PDF) 

  8. David, Laurentiu (Larry); Dr. Frantz Daniel Fistung
    On the road to sustainability—the case of the Romanian transportation sector (356 kB PDF) 

  9. Dravitzki, Vince; Tiffany Lester; Peter Cenek
    Pathways to a more sustainable transport infrastructure (866 kB PDF) 

  10. Ducker, Dan; Dr. Kepa Morgan
    Bridging formal research and informal approaches to enhance civic engagement processes (1.68 MB PDF) 

  11. Easton, Lois; Roman Jacques
    The Eco Design Advisor Programme: Supporting the Transformation of New Zealand’s Housing Stocks (152 kB PDF) 

  12. Evangelista, Anna; Dr. Maria Estela Varua
    (Un)sustainable Consumption in Australian Households: An Exploratory Study (444 kB PDF) 

  13. Foudazi, Mrs Fahimeh; Dr. Mugendi M’Rithaa
    Sustainable solutions for Cooling Systems in Residential buildings: Case study in the Western Cape Province, South Africa (11.2 MB PDF) 

  14. Gamage, Gayathri Babarenda; Assoc. Prof. Carol Boyle; Dr. Ir. Ron McDowall
    The Development of an Integrated Model for Assessing Sustainability of Complex Systems(697 kB PDF) 

  15. Gaziulusoy, A. Idil; Assoc. Prof. Carol Boyle; Dr. Ir. Ron McDowall
    System Innovation for Sustainability at Product Development Level: Development of a Scenario Method and a Workshop Tool (1.8 MB PDF) 

  16. Giurco, Dr. Damien; Dr. Timothy Prior; Ms Leah Mason; Dr. Gavin Mudd
    Peak Minerals: mapping sustainability issues at local, national and global scales (1.98 MB PDF) 

  17. Gyamfi, Samuel; Dr. Susan Krumdieck; Dr. Larry Brackney
    Pattern Recognition Residential Demand Response: An Option for Critical Peak Demand Reduction in New Zealand (897 kB PDF) 

  18. Harrison, Frances; Dr. Maggie Lawton (presenter)
    Community Advocacy for Sustainable Living (3.42 MB PDF) 

  19. Havenga, Dr. Jan; Zane Simpson
    Research priorities for Sustainable Branch Line Revitalisation in South Africa (1.11 MB PDF) 

  20. Howell, Dr. Robert
    Transitions to Sustainable Investment (417 kB PDF) 

  21. Hucker, Dr. Bruce
    Auckland governance reforms: political legitimacy, democratic accountability and sustainable development (353 kB PDF) 

  22. Hughes, James; Steve Goldthorpe, Robert Perry
    Carbon Futures: Reducing Emissions for the Auckland Region (1.58 MB PDF) 

  23. Idrus, Shaharudin; Em. Prof. Abdul Samad Hadi, Abdul Hadi Harman Shah; Ahmad Fariz Mohamed
    Non-linearity of Urban Expansion: Transition to Sustainability (11.84 MB PDF) 

  24. Idrus, Shaharudin; Em. Prof. Abdul Samad Hadi; Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Fariz Mohamed; Siti Nashroh Shaari; Prof. Mazlin Mokhtar
    A Malaysian Initiative in Embedding Sustainability: Sustainable School—An Environment Award (11.47 MB PDF) 

  25. Kelly, Dr. Patricia
    Embedding Sustainability: painless is just delay (221 kB PDF) 

  26. Kirk, Nick; Prof. Ali Memon
    Sustainable Governance of Marine Fisheries: A Socio-Ecological Embeddedness Perspective (918 kB PDF) 

  27. Koh, Sungsoo; Assoc. Prof. Carol Boyle
    Limits to growth defined by water resource, Waiheke Island case study (1.21 MB PDF) 

  28. Krpo, Ana; Yasenko Krpo; Tony Miguel; Helen Chin
    Urban Stormwater Runoff quality – lifecycle assessment (9.09 MB PDF) 

  29. Krumdieck, Assoc. Prof. Susan; Montira Watcharasukarn; Shannon Page
    TACA Sim: a survey for adaptability assessment (1.38 MB PDF) 

  30. Krumdieck, Assoc. Prof. Susan
    The Survival Spectrum: the key to Transition Engineering of Complex Systems (2.23 MB PDF) 

  31. Lawton, Ella Susanne; Prof. Robert Vale; Prof. Brenda Vale; Dr. Maggie Lawton
    The New Zealand Footprint Project: the Ecological Footprint of Kiwi Lifestyles and Urban Form (1.23 MB PDF) 

  32. Longley, Dr. Ian; Gustavo Olivares
    What is Sustainable Air Quality? (1.34 MB PDF) 

  33. Ly, Phuong; Prof. Janis Birkeland; Assoc. Prof. Nur Demirbilek
    Towards Sustainable Housing for Vietnam (1023 kB PDF) 

  34. Martin, Tim; Dr. Gavin Mudd
    Investigation of the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) as a Sustainability Tool (754 kB PDF) 

  35. Mason, Dr. Ian; Dr. Shannon Page; Prof. Arthur Williamson
    Transitioning to a 100% renewable electricity generation system: balancing the roles of wind generation, base-load generation and hydro storage (611 kB PDF) 

  36. McLernon, Dr. Tim
    Integrating Sustainable Development Into The Higher Education Built Environment Curriculum (1.14 MB PDF) 

  37. McQuinn, Taryn; Claire Jewell
    Sustainable Steelmaking: Infrastructure for the Future (1 MB PDF) 

  38. McSaveney, Len
    Towards More Sustainable Concrete (3.89 MB PDF) 

  39. Mohamed, Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Fariz; Prof. Abdul Samad Hadi; Shaharudin Idrus; Assoc. Prof. Abdul Hadi Harman Shah
    From the Linear to Cyclic Approach for Sustainable Waste Management in Malaysian City(770 kB PDF) 

  40. Mohamed, Mr Muaviyath; Dr. Susan Krumdieck; Dr. Larry Brackney
    Sustainable Renewable Electricity for Small Islands : A Methodology for Essential Load Matching (1.69 MB PDF) 

  41. Mokhtar Azizi, Ms. Sakina; Dr. Elizabeth Fassman; Assoc. Prof. Suzanne Wilkinson
    Methodology for Essential Load Matching (562 kB PDF) 

  42. Moore, Mr. Trivess; Dr. John Morrissey; Prof. Ralph Horne
    Cost benefit pathways to zero emission housing: Implications for household cash-flows in Melbourne (610 kB PDF) 

  43. Morrissey, Dr. John; Dr. Usha Iver-Raniga; Patricia McLaughlin; Assoc. Prof. Anthony Mills
    Proposal of a tiered conceptual framework for sustainable design and planning of large-scale development projects in the metropolitan context (1.29 MB PDF) 

  44. Mosly, Ibrahim; Dr. Guomin (Kevin) Zhang
    Study on Risk Management for the Implementation of Energy Efficient & Renewable Technologies in Green Office Buildings (194 kB PDF) 

  45. Mudd, Dr. Gavin
    The “Limits to Growth” and “Finite” Mineral Resources: Revisiting the Assumptions and Drinking From That Half-Capacity Glass (784 kB PDF) 

  46. O’Byrne, Colin; Assoc. Prof. Penny Allan
    Urban Form as a Reflection of Governance Practices (604 kB PDF) 

  47. Olorunkiya, Joshua Olutayo; Dr. Elizabeth Fassman; Assoc. Prof. Suzanne Wilkinson
    Global Thinking- Local Action: Adopting the Low Impact Design (LID) Technologies in Urban Stormwater Management (280 kB PDF) 

  48. Olorunkiya. Joshua Olutayo; Dr. Elizabeth Fassman; Assoc. Prof. Suzanne Wilkinson
    Risk as a Fundamental Barrier to Adoption of Low Impact Design Technologies (290 kB PDF) 

  49. Paetz, Matthew
    Sustainable Suburbia—Oxymoron or Realistic Goal? (5.62 MB PDF) 

  50. Pearce, Asst. Prof. Annie; Asst. Prof. Yong Han Ahn
    Strategic Entry Points for Sustainability in University Strategic Entry Points for Sustainability in University (675 kB PDF) 

  51. Pearce, Asst. Prof. Annie; Assoc. Prof. Kristen Sanford-Bernhardt; Assoc. Prof. Michael Garvin
    Sustainability and Capital Projects: Modeling the Emergent Property of Total Cost of Ownership (106 kB PDF) 

  52. Pearce, Asst. Prof. Annie
    Costing Sustainable Capital Projects: The Human Factor (96 kB PDF) 

  53. Perry, Robert; Paul Chambers
    Carbon Now and Carbon Futures—a systems and performance based approach to reducing GHG Emissions in the Auckland Region (638 kB PDF) 

  54. Powell, Dr. Felicity; Dr. Abigail Harding
    The renaissance of inner city living and its implications for infrastructure and services: A Wellington case study (1.66 MB PDF) 

  55. Quinlivan, Paul; Shelley Quinlivan
    Embedding Sustainability into School Curriculums (2.05 MB PDF) 

  56. Reay, Dr. Stephen; Andrew Withell, Prof. Olaf Diegel
    Design for Biodiversity: a new approach for ecologically sustainable product design? (3.93 MB PDF) 

  57. Reay, Dr. Stephen; Andrew Withell, Prof. Olaf Diegel
    How to effectively engage students with environmentally sustainable product design? (3.96 MB PDF) 

  58. Rendall, Stacy; Assoc. Prof. Susan Krumdieck; Dr. Elijah Van Houten; Dr. Femke Reitsma; Dr. Shannon Page
    Quantifying Transport Energy Resilience: Active Mode Accessibility (869 kB PDF) 

  59. Robak, Anna; Assoc. Prof. Henning Bjornlund
    Trade-offs between public health and environmental protection in a potable water supply context: Drinking Water Standards New Zealand vs resource consent conditions (690 kB PDF) 

  60. Rosales-Carreón, Jesús; Prof. René Jorna; Dr. Neils Faber; Prof. Rob van Haren
    Sustainability: Seeing Through The Eyes Of Farmers (378 kB PDF) 

  61. Rule, Bridget; Assoc. Prof. Carol Boyle
    Challenges for sustainable infrastructure development in small island developing states (1 MB PDF) 

  62. Russell, John; Kevin Long
    Transitions to Sustainability—Are we confident about the IPCC climate change predictions for the future? (5.19 MB PDF) 

  63. Saito, Assoc. Prof. Osamu
    Measuring lifecycle carbon footprint of a golf course and greening in the golf industry (1.2 MB PDF) 

  64. Saville-Smith, Kay; Lois Easton
    Market Transformation to Achieve Large Scale Uptake of Sustainable Residential Renovation in New Zealand (642 kB PDF) 

  65. Scott, Eion; Jennifer Kerr; Rhys Taylor
    Resilience in sustainability: A New Resource (1.23 MB PDF) 

  66. Sinclair, Sarah; Louise Webster; David Woods
    Rethinking sustainable infrastructure using innovation tools (620 kB PDF) 

  67. Slason, Jonathan
    Unintended Consequences of Reduced Consumption (481 kB PDF) 

  68. Smith, Tara; Dr. Gavin Mudd
    Shallow Groundwater Resources and Future Climate Change Impacts:A Comparison of the Ovens and Namoi Catchments, Eastern Australia (1.19 MB PDF) 

  69. Tanner, Aaron; Dr. Brian S. McIntosh; Dr. David Widdowson
    Adapting to adopt sustainability: organisational change in UK water and sewerage companies (1.23 MB PDF) 

  70. van Onselen, Lenny; Dr. Kristina Lauche; Dr. Sacha Silvester; Silje Rikoll Dehli
    Technology Windows in Sustainable Innovation Projects: Experiences with an Innovation Tool for Identifying Sustainable Application Domains (1.53 MB PDF) 

  71. Vickers, Jeff; Assoc. Prof. Carol Boyle
    Design for Sustainable Development: A Framework for Sustainable Product Development and its Application to Earthmoving Equipment (923 kB PDF) 

  72. Weng, Zhehan; Dr. Gavin M. Mudd; Assoc. Prof. Carol Boyle
    Projecting the Full Pollutant Cycle from Coal Utilisation to 2050: Understanding the Global Environmental Implications (982 kB PDF) 

  73. Williamson, Prof. Arthur; Dr. Ian Mason
    Transitions in transit: future options for transport energy in New Zealand (2.67 MB PDF) 

  74. Wolfgramm, Dr. Rachel
    Creating leadership in transition to sustainability societies: Reflections from the Universitas 21 Sustainability Project (1.24 MB PDF) 

  75. Young, Damian
    Can catchment management can be delivered for the Auckland Super City watersheds and achieve sustainability (2.31 MB PDF) 

  76. Zahedi, Assoc. Prof. Ahmad
    Sustainable electric energy supply by decentralized alternative energy technologies (2.52 MB PDF)