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CITATION FORMAT: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainability Engineering and Science, Auckland, NZ, Feb 21-23, 2007.

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  1. Ampt, Elizabeth
    The Role of Behaviour Change in Reducing CO2 Emissions (239 KB PDF) 

  2. Bellvé, Dr Anthony: Nicholas Eady, Garry Venus, Geoffrey Austin, Bill Woods
    Pathway to Energy Generation from Marine Tidal Currents in New Zealand’s Kaipara Harbour (2.01 MB PDF) 

  3. Boothroyd, Dr Ian: M. J. Drury
    Sustainable resource management: A Pressure-State-Response framework for sustainability in the urban environment (209 KB PDF) 

  4. Bould, Nicola
    Sustainable Design Education: Students Take Charge of Creating a Clean, Green University (0.98 MB PDF) 

  5. Cavanagh, Dr Jo-Anne: Dr Bob Frame, Michael Fraser, Jeremy Gabe
    The Experiences of Applying a Sustainability Assessment Tool (495 KB PDF) 

  6. Christie, Lauren: Albrecht Stoecklein, Roman Jaques (presenter)
    The Eco-Design Advisor: an Independent Resource for the Building Industry (227 KB PDF) 

  7. Clarke, Caleb
    GIS and ecosystem management tools – a Process for Sustainable Development on Great Barrier Island (1.52 MB PDF) 

  8. Couchman, Alec
    A new ERA in architecture: Environmentally Restorative Architecture in the 21st Century(181 KB PDF) 

  9. Curtin, Grant: Hitesh Patel
    Tools for Sustainable Best-Practice Energy Management (2.62 MB PDF) 

  10. Davidson, Dr Cliff: Chris T. Hendrickson, H. Scott Matthews
    Graduate Courses in Sustainable Engineering: The Carnegie Mellon Experience (111 KB PDF) 

  11. DiBlasi, Catherine: Dr Neely Law, Dr Upal Ghash
    Implementing a Sustainable Storm Water Management Program in an Urban Center – Baltimore City, Maryland (235 KB PDF) 

  12. Dravitzki, Vince: Tiffany Lester
    Economics drove our first sustainable urban transport system and the unsustainable one that followed (340 KB PDF) 

  13. Drew, Stephen
    Less Talking and More Walking down the Energy Efficiency Road – the Journey has begun(158 KB PDF) 

  14. Ducker, Dan: Dr Carol Boyle
    Development of a Framework for Integrated Assessment of POPs Elimination Options — no paper submitted 

  15. Duder, John: Lesley Jenkins
    Devonport: A Sustainable Community? (16.9 MB PDF) 

  16. Dummett, Kel
    Designing for a Sustainable Future: Partnerships to Sustainability (127 KB PDF) 

  17. Duncan, Andrew
    Solar design tools for sustainable residential land development (2.09 MB PDF) 

  18. Easton, Lois: Nick Collins
    Beacon’s High Standard of Sustainability – implications for the sustainable development of the residential built environment (192 KB PDF) 

  19. Finnis, Kirsten K: Dr Darren Walton (presenter)
    Field observations of factors influencing pedestrian walking speeds (325 KB PDF) 

  20. Gamage, Gayathri Babarenda: Dr Carol Boyle
    Sustainability through Risk assessment: A Case Study of resource risk (335 KB PDF) 

  21. Gaziulusoy, A. Idil: Dr Carol Boyle
    A Conceptual Systemic Framework Proposal for Sustainable Technology Development: Incorporating Future Studies within a Co-Evolutionary Approach (221 KB PDF) 

  22. Ghosh, Dr Sumita: Dr Robert Vale
    Is Policy Leading to Improved Sustainability at the Local Urban Scale? (2.22 MB PDF) 

  23. Gluckman, Josh: presenter Alice Wilson
    Encouraging Sustainable Product Design – an Update on Practical New Zealand Activity(375 KB PDF) 

  24. Griffiths, Kerry
    Project Sustainability Management in Infrastructure Projects (1.22 MB PDF) 

  25. Guthrie, Carrie: Jacqueline McIntosh
    What are ‘Structural Insulated Panels’ and are they the sustainable solution to standard light framing load-bearing wall construction? (748 KB PDF) 

  26. Hamilton, Stewart
    New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited Climate Change Approach (432 KB PDF) 

  27. Hamm, Andreas: Dr Susan Krumdieck, Dr Mark Jermy
    Strategic Analysis of Continuity for Complex Energy and Environment Systems (1.41 MB PDF) 

  28. Harris, Chris
    Governing Spaces: Urban Transit, Land Development and the Local State (378 KB PDF) 

  29. Harris, Chris
    Lost City: Forgotten Plans for an Alternative Auckland (5.86 MB PDF) 

  30. Harris, Chris
    Sprucing up the Shop Window: Improving the Bus Stop Environment for Passengers, Pedestrians and Property Owners (5.73 MB PDF) 

  31. Hassall, James: Lucie Drummond
    Green Wash or Green to the Core? Pushing the Business World to Take Sustainability Seriously (208 KB PDF) 

  32. Jitsangiam, Peerapong: Dr Hamid Nikraz, Dr Evan Jamieson
    Sustainable use of a bauxite residue (red sand) in terms of roadway materials (3.28 MB PDF) 

  33. Johnson, Dr Anna: Sarah Weller
    What do New Zealander’s Want From Their Cities? Results from Dunedin (475 KB PDF) 

  34. Karlik-Neale, Marta
    One-Planet Living & Sustainable Transport in London (274 KB PDF) 

  35. Kelly, Dr Patricia
    Accepters, Converts and “Resisters” on the road to Globo sapiens (292 KB PDF) 

  36. Kettle, Dr David
    Principles at the Fundamental Level of a Systems-Based Sustainability Framework (262 KB PDF) 

  37. Kettle, Dr David: Dave Breuer. Chris Ferkins, Gary Russell, John Shaw, Ray Skinner, Antony Vallyon
    Measuring Real Wealth in New Zealand (194 KB PDF) 

  38. Krumdieck, Dr Susan: Mohammed Imroz Sohel
    Strategic Analysis Adaptation Assessment: An Alternative to the Economic Storyline Scenario (276 KB PDF) 

  39. Kurucz, Rae-Anne: Brent Bielby
    The TravelWise – Workplaces Process: a Programme for Implementing Workplace Travel Plans in the Auckland Region (2.24 MB PDF) 

  40. Liou, Dr Donald D.: Bruce Gehrig
    Building the Framework for Hurricane Chaser, a Conceptual Wind-Energy Harvesting Vessel (205 KB PDF) 

  41. List, Dr Dennis
    From scenario planning to scenario network mapping (175 KB PDF) 

  42. Lou, Dr Helen H.: Dr Li Sun, Aditi Singh,
    Application of Pareto Optimization under Uncertainty in Chemical Process Design for Sustainability (556 KB PDF) 

  43. Love, Dr Richard: Professor Don Cleland
    Tools for Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (226 KB PDF) 

  44. Lowe, Dr / Emeritus Professor Ian
    Shaping Sustainable Futures – an Outline of the Transition (169 KB PDF) 

  45. Maher, Sasha: Jacqueline McIntosh
    A Shared Sense of Belonging: the Politics of Defining in Sustainable Community Housing Typologies (193 KB PDF) 

  46. McConachy, Emma: Dr Ann Smith
    Greening the Screen: a Model for Sector Engagement in Sustainable Development (416 KB PDF) 

  47. McDowall, Dr Ron
    Foresighting Frontier Product Innovation for Sustainability: Does Scenario Building Really Work? — no paper submitted 

  48. McLaren, Dr Sarah
    Defining a Role for Sustainable Consumption Initiatives in New Zealand (220 KB PDF) 

  49. Meurk, Dr Colin
    Biodiversity in Crisis: A Crucial Role for Business (252 KB PDF) 

  50. Mihelcic, Dr James: Kurtis G. Paterson, Linda D. Phillips, Qiong Jane Zhang, David W. Watkins, Brian Barkdoll, Valerie J. Fuchs, David R. Hokanson
    Educating Engineers in the Sustainable Futures Model with a Global Perspective (122 KB PDF) 

  51. Mithraratne, Dr Nalanie: Dr Robert Vale
    Sustainable Choices for Residential Water Supply in Auckland (322 KB PDF) 

  52. Mudd, Dr Gavin: Mark Diesendorf
    Sustainability Aspects of Uranium Mining: Towards Accurate Accounting? (114 KB PDF) 

  53. Mudd, Dr Gavin
    Resource Consumption Intensity and the Sustainability of Gold Mining (141 KB PDF) 

  54. Nakazawa, Dr Katsuhito: Hidefumi Ueda, Takafumi Hashitani, Hiroyuki Tsurumi, Mika Takaoka
    Analysis of Sustainable Transport Using by Information Services (565 KB PDF) 

  55. Nebel, Dr Barbara: Zsuzsa Szalay
    The Exemplar House – a Generic LCA Model for Houses in New Zealand (249 KB PDF) 

  56. Overcash, Dr Michael
    Life cycle and approaches to sustainability research (167 KB PDF) 

  57. Paetz, Matthew D.: Knut Pinto-Delas
    From Red Lights to Green Lights: Town Planning Incentives for Green Building (200 KB PDF) 

  58. Pearce, Dr Annie
    Sustainable Capital Projects: Leapfrogging the First Cost Barrier (284 KB PDF) 

  59. Piluso, Cristina: Dr Yinlun Huang
    Decision Analysis Framework for the Industrial Sustainability Analysis of the Surface Finishing Industry (625 KB PDF) 

  60. Purdie, Neil
    Passive Design in the Pacific Environment (4.11 MB PDF) 

  61. Roberts, Dr Lin
    A Systems Framework for Sustainability and its Application to a Construction Project (352 KB PDF) 

  62. Rose, Mary
    Liveable Communities: Shared Houses for Older Women (129 KB PDF) 

  63. Rossiter, Lisa: Jacqueline Bell
    How Urban Design is Improving State Highways in our Communities (3.5 MB PDF) 

  64. Russell, Dr John: Kevin Long
    What is Sustainability when on the Climate Roller Coaster? (9.75 MB PDF) 

  65. Seidel, Dr Rainer: Mehdi Shahbazpour, Manuel Seidel
    Establishing Sustainable Manufacturing Practices in SMEs (283 KB PDF) 

  66. Seidel, Manuel: Des Tedford, Mehdi Shahbazpour
    Sustainability in practice: A case of environmental packaging for ready to assemble furniture (846 KB PDF) 

  67. Skinner, Misty
    Applying International Policy Lessons for Sustainable Agriculture to New Zealand (259 KB PDF) 

  68. Staib, Dr Robert
    Water Sustainability In Sydney’s Rouse Hill Development Area: Past Practices And Future Plans (768 KB PDF) 

  69. Stancu, Cerasela: Dr Anne Smith
    Making sustainable links: the well-being of NZ exports in a changing climate (266 KB PDF) 

  70. Storey, Pamela
    Changing Communities through Practical Energy Efficiency – the HEET Experience (165 KB PDF) 

  71. Taylor, Rhys: Dr Will Allen
    Behaviour Change for Sustainability: Exploring a role for Community Education (236 KB PDF) 

  72. Utting, Darren
    A Web-Based Sustainability Assessment Tool Streamlining Local Government Practice: TUSC (213 KB PDF) 

  73. Vasconcelos, Patricia: Michael Pritchard, João Reis Machado,
    A Greenway Network for a more Sustainable Auckland (5.84 MB PDF) 

  74. Vickers, Jeffrey J: Dr Carol Boyle
    The Changing Face of Environmental Legislation: New Policy Directions in the European Union (232 KB PDF) 

  75. Walton, Dr Darren: Sicily Sunseri
    Impediments to Walking as a Mode Choice (233 KB PDF) 

  76. Wasiluk, Kendra: Jennifer Lynes
    Deepening Shades of green: Fostering Adult Environmental Education through Experienced-based Professional Development Curriculum (229 KB PDF) 

  77. Watkin, Jocelyn
    Success in Sustainability – a case study on the Auckland Sustainable Cities Programme(235 KB PDF) 

  78. Weil, Dr Ing Marcel: K. Dombrowski, A Buchwald
    Sustainable Design of Geopolymers – Integration of Economic and Environmental Aspects in the Early Phases of Material Development (892 KB PDF) 

  79. Willmott, David B.
    Sustainable Progress (360 KB PDF) 

  80. Young, Damian: John Tait
    LIDAR Survey, Modelling and GIS as tools used in the sustainable management of the urban drainage systems (148 KB PDF)